Quotes and pricing

Extractor, Ventilation  & Hood Canopy system cleaning:

A minimum charge of $850.00 Excl. GST is charged for a basic, standard system. Each system is different in dimensions, nature and condition of build up. Other  factors like accessibility, use of scaffolding required, extensiveness of system and installation of inspection or access hatches will also need to be considered in the pricing.

We also offer discounts for regular clients.

Appliances and Equipment:

Includes ovens, hobs, fittings, Deep fryers, salamanda and other cooking equipment and will also be priced according to requirements.

Filter  Cleaning and management:

A standard price per filter is between $15 to $20 Excl. GST depending on location, condition, size and quantity. We offer discounts for regular clients.

Deep Kitchen Clean:

This clean includes, high level ceilings, lights ,walls and floors as well as pipework and work stations etc… Prices will be charged according to requirements.

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