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KCCS is a commercial kitchen cleaning contractor offering a full range of professional cleaning services from kitchen deep cleaning, including ceilings, walls and floors, hood canopy, ventilation ducting, extractor systems, kitchen appliances to food hygiene cleans and grease filter cleaning and management.

This work is becoming increasingly necessary in order to comply with local City Council Food and hygiene and insurance companies fire risk requirements!

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Kitchen Extraction Ducting Cleaning

When fat, grease, oil, soot, dust and other dirt builds up in the flues of your extraction system it is both a health and fire risk as it reduces air flow. There is also the chance that this build up of kitchen dirt will drop back down through your hood and filters and onto the food or cooking surfaces below.

By cleaning your ducting system you ensure maximum efficiency from your extraction system, while reducing health and fire risks.

Filter Cleaning

Whether it is kitchen hood filter cleaning or grease trap filter cleaning we provide a comprehensive range of kitchen filter cleaning services. Your filters are essential to preventing fat, oil and other kitchen residue from accumulating in your extraction or drainage system, or on all your kitchen surfaces.

We will either replace old, worn out filters with new ones or we will provide a same day pick up and return service as cleaning filters onsite at your establishment is against council bylaws.

Fan and Motor Unit Cleaning

When cooking residue builds up around your fan unit it will put strain on the motor, which will eventually cause it to seize up and stop working. Then  your kitchen may have to shut down while the fan is removed and repaired or replaced. Any build up also reduces the efficiency of your extraction system as a whole.

There is also the chance that fat, oil and other kitchen dirt will blow out onto the pavement or roof area around the fan. This dirt can run into the guttering or drainage systems, which is a health risk to the public.

Stoves, Grill Tops, Pizza Oven Cleaning

We cater for all your kitchen deep cleaning needs which includes the cleaning of commercial ovens, prep tables, microwaves, hardtop or flat top stoves, combination ovens, pizza ovens, bain-maries, steamers and any other cooking surface or appliance in your kitchen.

We disassemble all equipment by hand, perform a thorough deep clean and then reassemble it. We also clean the walls, floors and ceilings of your kitchen, including lights, vents and any exposed pipe work as all the usual kitchen fittings and fixtures.


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